Potencialmente interesante is created at July, 2.012. A crazy idea to do Android apps and games become serious... and later true.

First app is launched at 12 August, 2.012. Easy and simple, but the first app.

Actually, more than 10 apps/games have been made with the best of illusions and the dream to help millions of Android users to have a little better life and forget the problems/stress some minutes.

Quality and graphics are increasing everyday. Hours and hours of hard work, days working, evenings working and nights seing dawn... a lot of effort for each app/game made.

I'm a single developper, trying to do it the best possible. I only have the income that i earn with the ads of apps, it's my full time job and i will fight hard to get a future developing more and more apps and games to your entertainment.

My future it's at your hands, please let me make you happy using the apps and games of Potencialmente Interesante.