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Logo quiz brands is a competition logo quiz that consists of guessing the logos of popular international brands. It’s the most complete guessing game of logos that you can find, as it has more than 800 brands, 3 different game modes, 9 categories to choose from and more than 80 levels for you to test your knowledge.

Do you know the biggest brands, their exact name and logo? Check if you are an expert on trademarks and get to guess all logos of all levels in all game modes at logo quiz brands.

It’s a competition logo quiz game style fully visual where you pick the brand logo or company that you think is correct. It’s perfect for kids and adults.

Game modes:
- Guess the name = You see a company logo and are given 4 names of 4 different companies, you should select the right one.
- Guess the logo = You see the name of the company and has to choose the right one from 4 different logos.
- Guess the exact name = You see the logo of the company and 4 names from that company, so you have to choose the name well written.

Features of logo quiz brands
- More than 800 international brands
- More than 80 levels
- 3 game modes: guess the name, guess the logo and guess the exact name
- 9 different categories: web, sports, technology, drink and food, cars, fashion, beauty, toys and music bands.
- High Quality Logos in a contest logo quiz with only 8 mb
- Installs to SD card
Languages English and Spanish
- Possibility to unlock in the store the third game mode and all the solutions of logo quiz brands totally free, without real money.

Notice: The names and logos of logo quiz brands are the property of their respective companies. This application is a contest logo quiz that encourages people to learn some of the most important companies in the world and know their products. At no time try to injure or damage any of the companies included in the application.

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