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Nature relaxing music allows reaching a relax state. The best android nature sounds are here. If you want to relax daily, don't search more. 

Do you have stress every day? Get now this relax music and feel instantly released. If you are searching a good app with nice design, customizable and with good quality nature music, this is your app.

Nature relaxing music is highly recommended:
- to relax
- for meditation
- how anti stress therapy
- to sleep
- to study
- to read
- to ambient music
- to yoga

In this application you can enjoy with:

- the soft sound of sea waves
- the fresh sound of wind
- an exciting rain with peals of thunder and lightning
- birds singing at forest
- a soft rain
- river water

With these relaxing sounds you can get to sleep faster or feel like being at the beach, in the forest, under the rain or in the middle of a storm. Increase your health.

Being connected your headphones to your Android device, you can get some more quality sound and a better experience.


- 6 different nature sounds: rain, river water, sea waves, wind, birds at forest and lightning
- You can play the music in background
- You can customize with 18 different images
- Navigation bar to choose the piece of song you want to hear
- Possibility to activate the SLEEP MODE to stop the audio and exit the application, with nine time options to choose
- Installation in SD card
- Available for over 99% Android devices, including tablets
- Available at English and Spanish language

Download Nature relaxing music right now and start enjoying as soon as possible to this application.

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