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Meditation relax music is a special and unique application. Some soft fragments of beautiful music have been selected to helps you to relax daily.

Other apps have lower Mb size and only 5 mins of music that is repeated endlessly. This app offers you 3 sessions with more than 2 total hours without any fragment of music repeated. There aren't other app in Android that offers you this.

If you are searching a good app with nice design, customizable and with good quality music, this is the best app you can find at Play store.

Meditation relax music is highly recommended: to relax, for meditation, how anti stress therapy, to sleep, to study, to read, how ambient music, to practise yoga, reiki, kabalah, harmonization, taichi, zen, and more...


- More than 2 hours of relaxing music divided into three parts without any fragment repeated
- Sophisticated and attractive design 
- You can listen the music in background while you are doing other things
- You can customize the app with 9 images and 6 seekbars
- Play to play the audio, Pause to stop and again Play to resume
- Navigation bar to choose the piece of song you want to listen
- Possibility to activate the SLEEP MODE to stop the audio and exit the application, with 9 time options to choose
- Installation on SD card
- Available for over 99% Android devices, including tablets
- Available at English and Spanish language

Download Meditation relax music right now and start enjoying as soon as possible to this wonderful application.

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