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Chill out relaxing music helps you immerse in a relaxed and different environment, thanks to his informal and soft melodies.

With this selection of chill out music, you can convert any space and time in a unique experience. Quick and easy you can get a touch of happiness and relaxation to your life.

Give a chance to this style of music and be seduced by their beautiful melodies, is a special music.

Please read carefully for what types of situations is recommended to use Chill out relaxing music and make the most potential. So you get to use the application properly and will prevent bad ratings and comments that may confuse other users.

Chill out relaxing music is recommended:
- to relax while surfing the web
- background music while you are in conversation
- as background music for a romantic dinner
- while playing mobile games
- for a relaxing bath
- while you are doing housework
- at a house party the weekend

Instead, Chill out relaxing music is not recommended:
- to sleep
- to study
- for meditation

- Can i play the music in background while I’m doing other things? 
Yes, you can do it easily pressing HOME button.
- Why Chill out relaxing music have only 2 sessions?
This is not really true. Each session is made with a combination of little fragments joined to you in 2 sessions of 60 minutes each. The two sessions are without repetition.
- Why the size of app is 34MB? it’s not very much?
No, it’s not very much size because of two reasons: 
1- There are 2 sessions of 60 minutes, 2 hours total duration without repetition. 
2- It’s not bad quality music, sessions are good quality and more quality are more MB needed.

- Sophisticated and attractive design 
- 2 hours of high quality chill out music without any fragment repeated
- You can listen the music in background while you are doing other things
- You can customize the app
- Play to play the audio, Pause to stop and again Play to resume
- Navigation bar to choose the piece of song you want to hear
- Possibility to activate the SLEEP MODE to stop the audio and exit the application, with nine time options to choose
- Installation in SD card
- Available for over 99% Android devices, including tablets
- Available at English and Spanish language

Download Chill out relaxing music right now and start enjoying as soon as possible this special application

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