Classical piano relax music (Android app)

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Classical piano relax music offers you the possibility to listen to small fragments of piano jointed for you.

Surely the fantastic audio quality of this app will surprise you. Whether you listen on your phone or through headphones, you will notice right away that it is probably the best you have heard so far.

With two hours and without repetitions, Classical piano relax music will be your faithful company in those relaxed moments so needed.

Relax is important due to the accumulated stress, so you need to listen to classical piano music. Its power to relax is more effective than most of the other kinds of music.

You can also use this app to concentrate while studying, helping you sleep or helping your baby rest, including many other situations.


- Sophisticated and attractive design 
- You can listen the music in background while you are doing other things
- You can customize the app
- Play to play the audio, Pause to stop and again Play to resume
- Navigation bar to choose the piece of song you want to hear
- 2 hours of music of high quality piano without any fragment repeated
- Possibility to activate the SLEEP MODE to stop the audio and exit the application, with nine time options to choose
- Installation in SD card
- Available for over 99% Android devices, including tablets
- Available at English and Spanish language

Download Classical piano relax music right now and start enjoying as soon as possible to the magic of classical piano.

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